In addition to our wide range of landscaping services, we offer a full range of professional excavation and drainage services. From excavations for new additions and installations of in-ground propane tanks, to installing catch basins in driveways, managing surface or subsurface water, dealing with wet property or standing water, Country Landscaping always:

  • provides prompt professional estimates
  • makes certain that required permits are pulled
  • uses the right equipment for the job
  • offers specialized solutions for the specific problem

Country Landscaping owns specialized machinery designed to work in wet soil. The project plan is developed before the start of work, a transit is used to set the grades for proper pitch - we are experienced professionals with specialized training & skills.

Drainage Project Options include:

  • re-grading, to add or remove soil to create pitch to move water
  • creating swales to collect and direct water
  • installing curtain drains - trench with pipe and stone to catch the water in stone, transfer to pipe, exit & direct it away
  • installing footing drains, curtain drains, swales, dry wells, gutter leaders buried

Water in Basement, our solution can include:

  • footing drains around the house, pipe and stone from where the footing meets the foundation wall, up the wall - eliminating the pressure, giving the water a path away
  • to catch the water - tie in to street catch basin, pipe to exit at surface, distribute along soil at ground level, install dry well